Lindesnes lighthouse

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27 February 1656 Norway's first lighthouse was lit at Lindesnes. It consisted of 30 candles that burned at the top of a 3 story high tower. This was quite a bad solution and continuous complains from the seafaring led to the lighthouse being extinguished after just a few months. It was not until 1725 that the lighthouse was reopened. To elude confusion with other lighthouses like for eks. Skagen, two lighthouses were now opened under the name "Lindesnesfyrene". One of them of course at Neset and the other on Markøy just west of Lindesnes. The first step was taken by giving the lighthouses they're names. Later various alterations and rectifcations were made.

n 1822 the closed coalflare lighthouse was built, and it worked like that until 1854. It was then Lindesnes lighthouse got the lens it has today, the lens of 1. order that gave the seafaring the glimpse in a chosen cycle that they could then find on they're maps. In that way the lighthouses and the map were almost like a route description for the seafaring. The old lighthouse was a stone tower and was soon replaced with a modern cast iron tower in 1915. The lens was moved to the new tower and was lit the 15 July that same year.

In 1920 the lighthouse was equipped with the fog siren and later with a powerful diaphone. When the fog siren came, the lighthouse had to extend it's staff, new buildings were built and a new machine house was raised. And these buildings are mostly what the lighthouse is today.

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Lindesnes lighthouse

Lindesnes lighthouse

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