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  • Archetypes of Jacob’s...
    Jacob’s epoch is a period between 1603 and 1625 years when king Games I ruled in England and Scotland. The name originates from James Jacob so Jacob’s epoch is a descriptive term applied to literature, decorative and applied arts and architecture of the first quarter of 17 century. Particularly it was Shakespeare’s age.
  • Tom Seidmann Freud....
    Tom Seidmann-Freud (born Marta Freud, niece of Sigmund Freud) (1892-1930) was an illustrator and book artist. When she was just twenty two she made verses and prepared illustrations for child songbook (1914). Almost all of her books were destroyed during Nazism period and now they are rare books.
  • Botanic illustrations...
    Georgina Troyer (1855-1928) made over one thousand and eighty hundred detailed and precise representations of plants. She helped her sister Alice who used to write for leading British botanic publications.
  • Chinese birds album
    This album was created in 19th century probably especially for European judges of oriental arts though no evidence of its author and purpose was preserved.
  • Chinese Butterfly album
    This album was also created in 19th century probably especially for European judges of oriental arts.
  • Flower creatures
    «Your Majesty, on behalf of the flowers present here I kindly ask you to accept our honor and favorably harken to our modest complaints.

    For thousand years we provide human beings with topics for comparison, we gave them all metaphors and moreover poetry cannot exist without us People accredit their merits and flaws, their good qualities and shortcomings to us meanwhile we have no experience and knowledge to realize what it means. WE are tired of this situation and kindly ask for your permission to take on a cast of human being to judge for ourselves to what extend the things people say correlate with our character and is acceptable for the truth ».

    Jean Grandville was a very popular French caricature artist. His sharp political travesties and satiric allegories were (and are) very successful both in France and all over Europe. But French authorities ordained a law which set a strict veto on political caricature so Granville had to deal with book illustrations. Thus such books as “ Don Quixote ” by Cervantes, " The Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, of York, Mariner» by Defoe, «Lafontaine fables», « Gulliver's Travels » by Swift with his illustrations, even creations of his contemporaries such as Beranger and Balzac were decorated by his works.

    This marvelous album was published in 1847 and had many reprints. Even here Granville was true to himself: flowers were presented in the image of people (not vice versa!), as people in the image of animals in Lafontaine fables. Satirical and humorous aspects came to the fore. These anthropomorphic figures with all their apparent innocence deride sentimentality and expansivity ascribed to the flowers in romantic times. Special attention should be paid to scenes with insects hidden in each illustration.
  • A journey from...
    This is mediaeval travel – book, description of German knight Conrad von Gruenberg journey from Constanta to Jerusalem in 1487.
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